Saturday, March 16, 2013

Here we go, or, something I should’ve done a while ago….

             You know that little voice in the back of your head that says, “Ah ha, I should do this…!”  And then the thought disappears almost as quickly as it came about, until about 6 mos later and the same thought occurs?  Well, I’ve had that very same reoccurring thought, in this case, “I should start a blog,” for the better part of three years. 

We of course all get “suggestions” of things that we should do, from those that we love, Mother’s, Sister’s, and Friends etc.  My extremely well-meaning Mother says; “Lisa, you should learn to string Pearls.”  Although this is an important skill, it’s not going to enhance my career or add deep meaning to my life at this point, maybe later.  When my friend Sally said; “Lisa, you should start a Blog,” it was the the affirmation that I needed!  So, here I go!  Thank You Ms. SallyJ

For those that know me, I am not an incredibly tech savvy individual, I even had to have my antique computer refurbished just to get this Blog going! (Thanks GeekSquad.)  That being said, I’ve bought the books and done my homework, although I’m still a little overwhelmed, I’ve started my Blog!

I’m not sure where this will lead, and that is the beauty of it!  Life is full of wonderful surprises!  Make no mistake, I hope this Blog to be the go-to Jewelry Blog for Jewelry Fanatics, Jewelry Junkies (like myself ;) Industry Professionals, Insiders and fellow Fashionistas alike!  I also vehemently welcome positive as well as negative feedback, suggestions, and most importantly, I want questions!  So send them in, or leave them in comments, and most importantly, tell your fabulous friends to follow Lisa the Jeweler!


chlohan said...

Fantastic! I'm so looking forward to your jewelry expertise :). Great idea Lisa...

ToniJ said...

Lisa I am so proud of you! I can't wait to read everything you have to say! LU!

lisathejeweler said...

Thanks for all your encouragement and support, I really appreciate it! ~L